About Jolene

Jolene Jang is a curious gal. She is constantly exploring and discovering new people, places and products. Do you know the kindergarten activity “show and tell”? It’s show and tell all day long with the Conference Reporter.

“In my 19 years in meeting planning, entertaining and speaking, I have found there is so much value in the halls of the conferences.  The education isn’t just in the breakout sessions, it’s the connections the elevator and the chats in the buffet line. It’s the discussions after the contrarian keynote speaker. This wealth of knowledge is usually present, but not shared. What if you could capture snippets of the top takeaways, feedback on products, perspectives on new trends and testimonials for your conference?

Jolene is a mix…a mashupjolene jang

When you blend the Meeting Maximizer and Fun Specialist, add curiosity and equip with a camera and mic this results in the enthusiastic, energetic Conference Reporter. With the gift of gab and joy of listening, Jolene spotlights the sponsors, highlights vendors and empowers your attendees. She is composed of part event planner, entertainer, marketer, speaker and digital documenter. Living in the convention and meeting world for 19 years she knows what to listen for what to look for in order to capture the life of the event.  She gets it! As she bounces around she brings out personalities and ideas from the participants, she is able to redistribute the findings via video and social media. Being that attention spans are tiny, she parses out short videos that are bite size and easily digestible.


You might be surprised with her client list. Yes, Fortune 500, but she has also conservative organizations. Working with conservative companies, c-suites and baby boomers, she knows how to mirror their energy and to slowly crank it up. This is skill she has mastered from a wee age.


Jolene has done interviews with Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Donahue, Judge Alex and many more. She’s comfortable talking with the famous to unknowns. Her quest is to discover new people and new perspectives. Her years in hosting and teambuilding makes it easy for her to connect and make the interviewee feel comfortable.

Business Community

She is involved in the Tech, Event and Professional Community. She is a three time past president of the National Speakers Association, NSA Northwest, past program chair of the International Special Event Society and Seattle Chapter past speaker chair Women’s Business Exchange.

Personal Time

Jolene can be seen exploring new streets, new perspectives and meeting people and sharing their stories. She also found on the soccer field playing on men’s teams. To keep her right brain cranking, ask her about her current 30 day challenges. She keeps life fresh and new and likes to share her experiences and to inspire others.