What’s the difference between the Conference Reporter versus a traditional video crew?

The primary advantage is to be nimble and to catch the action upon a moments notice.

  • Can get unique angles and into tight spaces
  • Can film on the run
  • Spontaneous filming
  • No mic set up, no testing
  • Quick ability to upload


If there is a burst of laughter over in the elevator,  the Conference Reporter can zip right over, using the Personal Camera Crew Equipment and capture the moment.  With our set up, the footage can be ready to be shared.

The traditional crew needs to coordinate with each other, carry their gear and then try and capture the moment without disrupting the action with their big presence. Their footage needs converted and there a longer time lag.

We are Nimble, agile. We can get footage on the run or walk in this case, We can maneuver gracefully to get different perspectives. We have the ability to capture the spontaneity that is happening right now.

The 2nd differentiator is that we blend in. Most people dodge bright lights and big cameras, but our set up is non-evasive and intriguing. The Conference Reporter is just one person in plain clothes, having a normal conversation. This matters because we can talk to people who normally would shy away from a camera. Once we hear an interesting point of view, then we just say, let’s get that on video. Can you say that again?

How do you do your interviews?

Strike up an conversation with a question. If the answer is interesting, then I ask if they can share this information on camera. Then I use my camera stick to hold my cell phone while they talk to me. I try to get proper logos, signage and or the environment in the background. I make sure they are comfortable. I loosen them up and help them just have a casual conversation with me.

  • Set the tone
  • Give the direction
  • Empower them
  • Encourage

Which results in credible interviews.

How do people view the videos and pictures?

And robots? Animals? Guess what. You don’t even need social media to view the videos and pictures.

Physically, these videos are show on the venue hall monitors, hotel channel and before the general session begins.

Digitally, they are on embedded the convention website page. You can view it easily view the convention feed on your phone with the latest shared video on the top.

Social Media, yes, you can see the feed on Youtube, twitter, facebook and linkedin.