Breathe life back into your live events! Use the very tool that splits your attendees’ attention, such as smartphones and social media, and bring the attention back to you!
Technological advances have created unprecedented access. When something BIG happens somewhere on the planet, the average person has near instantaneous access to the information. Of course news media provide this information, but what does Joe Q. Public think? The cultural norm is now about being part of the global conversation and instant gratification. Give them what they want!

Video is the new medium

It turns a 2D occurrence into a 3D experience! Technology brings us new video everyday. Imagine knowing what’s going on at a convention, even if you can’t be there? Or having access to the big players, even if they don’t know you? What about hearing from people like you? Not everyone has the opportunity to be a speaker, but everyone has valuable information to share. We give you the platform!
• Engage your convention community
• See what’s going on during breaks
• Create a convention news channel
• Expand network opportunities

Are happy sponsors and vendors and engaged attendees your goal? Let us help elevate your event for all stakeholders! We provide onsite, impromptu testimonials and video interviews starring your clients, employees, and sponsors.


The Conference Reporter spotlights your sponsors and gives them lasting visibility. Off-the-cuff video vignettes, posted during and after your event, can significantly:
• Engage and educate potential customers
• Drive brand awareness
• Maximize reach


The Conference Reporter drives traffic to the tradeshow floor. We feed your audience short video previews of hot products and services, which:
• Show attendees what they’re missing with compelling previews
• Motivates attendees to check out the entire exhibitor hall
• Allows participants to view videos on their phones, convention monitors, and on the hotel news channel
• Produce an online media library for future events


The Conference Reporter let’s you hear directly from your participants.
• On the spot testimonials drive word-of-mouth traffic and build authenticity for your event
• Videos provide potential sponsors and vendors a chance to learn about potential customers

We capture and amplify the life of your events and deliver the information visually in millennial style, bite size fashion. When clients speak positively about your company, it builds credibility. When your credibility increases, you gain new customers. Highlighting your sponsors and vendors helps increase their value and your ability to recruit for your next event.


With our event planning background, we can feel the pulse of the convention and we know how to navigate events. As speakers, we can attract attention, spotlight others or blend in. As photographers and videographers, we know how to be everywhere to get the shot. As gadget geeks, we know how to leverage technology and social media. We “gotcha” covered.

Contact us to discuss how we can create more value for your customers.