The Conference Reporter helps the client attract and secure income to fund the event.  We do this by highlighting and spotlighting your sponsors, vendors and attendees. The Conference Reporter captures moments from your event to amplify your event beyond the walls. The Conference Reporter bridges gaps between vendors and attendees to create a fully interactive win-win experience. We can help you before, during and after the event.

The Conference Reporter builds community by:

  • Get Top Takeaways – Help attendees, digest and confirm their value
  • Increasing the visibility of vendors and sponsors through video interviews
  • Showcasing Products  – Drive attendees to the vendor booths
  • Capturing testimonials about the event

Sponsor Spotlight

We spotlight your sponsors and give them lasting visibility. Our impromptu video vignettes are engaging, personable and educational. Your sponsors benefit by using these custom videos on all of your digital marketing during and even after the show to significantly drive brand awareness and reach.

Vendor Showcase

We drive traffic to the tradeshow floor. We feed your audience short video previews of the hot products and services.  Attendees likely don’t know what they are missing until we show them with a compelling preview. Your attendees will be strongly motivated to check out the entire exhibitor hall. The participants can view these videos on their phones, on the convention monitors and on the hotel channel. Your vendors benefit from the exposure from these videos both during and after the convention.



Let’s hear from directly from your participants. Their testimonials will drive word-of-mouth traffic and build authenticity to the event. Your potential sponsors and vendors get a chance to learn about potential customers. Attract, recruit, and secure your sponsors, vendors and attendees for this event and the next. Let us help you elevate your experience and ROI for all the stakeholders involved!


Social Media Distribution

  • Pictures posted each hour to social media sites
  • Videos updated daily uploaded to youtube, shared on other social media
  • Content ready to share on Conference Monitors, Hotel Channel, Social Media Channels
  • You get full access to a picture and video library
  • Custom edited Video Summary of the highlights that let the participants relive and share the event virtually
  • Continue to drive people to your social media for 3 weeks following the conference to remain top of mind, and build your community. We will post pictures, videos and comments to keep the conversation going.

Let the conference reporter feed your social media channels. You do what you do best. All we need is your goals and introduction to your team.