Sustainable Hiring

Showcasing your Corporate Personality

Let us show the world who you really are


  • Recruiting
  • Retention/Attrition
  • Corporate Transparency Issues

You can create a sustainable hiring process by attracting candidates and sharing your corporate culture effectively. Millennials want reality, not scripts, they want the real story on what to expect.  As the recruiter you may believe the candidate is a great fit, but what do they think? They aren’t able to discern your company culture from the written materials and minimal interactions.

  • You offer many perks, but people don’t know about them, even though they are written down.
  • New hires don’t understand the type of working environment until they are hired.
  • Your company is a rewarding place to work. You know this, but this is not accurately conveyed.

SOLUTION – Be Transparent

We have found an efficient way to share your employee experience -the heart of your company culture. We capture a well-rounded authentic story of your corporate culture. We casually interview your employees, not just the polished PR and HR and scripted remarks from your long term employees, but the average Joes too. Your potential hires will see these videos and will get a sense of the environment, the pace of work, personality and diverse perspectives. Many corporate videos are out there, but do they appear authentic? When your candidate has a “like me” experience they are going to feel more at home.


The areas to highlight are the perks and benefits. Why is your company different? What are the aspects the current employees love? Let’s talk to the current employees. Here are examples:

  • Day in the life of various employees
  • Current projects in different departments
  • Internal/External Events
  • Career impacts/growth/advancement
  • Recognition Programs
  • Health and wellness
  • Family Dynamics
  • Mentoring Program
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Affinity/social Clubs
  • Flexibility
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Global Outreach

Not only are these videos great for recruiting, but they are also helpful in keeping the current employees up to speed on what and who’s new and your company. We do Onboarding videostoo, making the process fun and easy, knowing what to expect.


To hire the right fit for both the company and the candidate so they can become long-term employees. You will have a library of interviews of current employees talking unscripted about the life at your company. They are on the spot interview style in their current environment, not in the studio. These videos can be posted internally and externally, used as content for all the social media properties and on Glass Door. These videos will be re-purposed in multiple ways. They will be done millennial style, short form and informal for easy consumption.