Women Who Go For It Series


To empower women to take action on what matters to them. We will take a peek into the past, and spend time in the present and preparing for the future. We will look at their obstacles and how they manage and cope with them. And what’s most important is their strategy to keep equilibrium in their work life balance. Then we can gleen this knowledge and test out what will work for us so we can conquer our goals and make our dreams come true. By meeting these dynamic women in our interviews we will hear about their best practices, so we can ponder, adopt, adapt and get inspired to make progress in our own lives.



Women Who Go For It!

This is an on-going series. Your organization can be a part of it too. You can hire us to do a 10 video series sponsored by your organization with your women leaders or by highlighting women in the community.


It was when I was faced with a choice to use speak up justice or not. After finding my voice to  make a difference in the community, I wanted to help women discover the power of their voice and inspire them to use it. I created a speech “Speak Up For Justice – Could you, Should you, Will you?” which is more about how to manage difficult situations. I wanted to be proactive not reactive. The Women Who Go For It Series is about building a better you. It’s purpose is to motivate, model, and demonstrate success habits that you can do.

My personal lesson was after becoming a victim of upskirting, an unfortunate by- product of selfie sticks, which ironically, I use often in my work.

In 2001, I fought for the revision of the Washington State Voyeurism Law and succeeded. Before I did the media blitz to bring awareness to this violation against women, there were 8 states with a law. Now, almost all of the states have a law including federal level, as well. the media founds you

On my journey, I discovered how timid many women are and how critical it is for women to speak up and be heard. Thus, I want to give them tools to build their confidence, so they can conquer their goals and help others.

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